Friday, 8 October 2010

frankie, hello.

I am a magazine junkie. Sitting at an airport waiting to board a plane or strolling around town on a typical Saturday morning – I always find myself drifting towards the magazine shop.

I enjoy reading Vogue, The Guardian, Nylon, Elle, yet nothing I have found relates to me as much as Frankie Magazine does. It’s eye catching and pretty on the outside and a treasure trove on the inside; filled with awkward photographs, unusual articles, inspiring, mature (yet silly) and a lay out that is oh so creative, but most of all it makes me laugh. 
Published and based in Australia, Frankie is a magazine released every other month and is committed to sharing passions of music, arts, photography, fashion and pop culture to their readers. With article titles like, ‘little charmed ones’, and ‘poddy mcpodcast’ it’s very hard not to read this quirky mag from cover to cover.
The first time I saw Frankie Magazine, I was browsing through a boutique in Auckland; and there, neatly arranged on the till was Frankie, all crisp and new. The front cover read ‘London Girls’ in a simple typography, neat and effortlessly stylish - I had to have a copy. So, using the last remaining change in my pocket I bought my very first issue of Frankie Magazine, little did I know it wouldn’t be my last.

To this day it still boggles me how Frankie manages to appear so chic and simple and yet it is filled with bags of information. As soon as I finish reading my bi-monthly dose of Frankie I follow it up by disappearing into the world that is the internet. Anything featured in Frankie I look up online; blogs, music, art, photography, fashion… Some of my favourites and

If you want to make quirky soft toys, learn the importance of being nude or just want to get lost in a world of retro, classic and cool, I would definitely recommend Frankie Magazine.

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